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History of Crosby

  • council: Sefton
  • population: 51,789
  • phone code: 0151
  • postcode area: L23
  • county: Merseyside

Crosby is a town and area within the Metropolitan Borough of Sefton, on Merseyside, England. The name Crosby is used to cover a string of settlements along the Irish Sea coast north of Liverpool between Seaforth and Hightown. It is often regarded as an outlying suburb of the city of Liverpool and is approximately 6 miles (10 km) north of the city centre.

The town has Viking roots in common with the other -by ending settlements of Formby to the north and Kirkby to the east. Crosby was known as Krossabyr in Old Norse, meaning "village with the cross". The settlement was recorded in the Domesday Book as Crosebi, and by the year 1212 had become Crosseby.

Crosby Beach is home to the world-renowed art installation Another Place in nearby Waterloo. Crosby's environs include several miles of beach, a marina, a number of parks and a large area of woodland known as Ince Woods. Crosby is home to the Carnegie Library built with donations from the American steel magnate Andrew Carnegie.Distinctive buildings in Crosby Village include Central Buildings, Crown Buildings and the two pubs, Yates's and The Village

The Football Club Marine AFC and Rugby Football Club Waterloo RFC are both based in the area. Crosby is also home to Crosby Swimming Club, a member of the Amateur Swimming Association (ASA). Set in Moor Park, one of the most picturesque parts of Crosby, is the Northern Club, a multi-sport club featuring cricket, hockey, bowls, squash and snooker and tennis. Crosby Marina is the home of Crosby Sailing Club and is open to all dinghy sailors of any ability or experience. The marina is also a venue for the Scout and Guide sailing club. Blundellsands Bridge Club, affiliated to the English Bridge Union, is based in the area and provides facilities for both learning and playing Rubber Bridge and Duplicate Bridge, an intellectual sport recognised by the International Mind Sports Association.

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